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Water damage can be daunting. Get expert insights from Neville and Sons to navigate this challenge effectively. Read on for answers to your pressing questions!

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    1. What should I do immediately after discovering water damage in my home?

    Immediate action is crucial. Start by shutting off the water source, if possible. Then, contact a professional water restoration service like Neville and Sons to mitigate the damage promptly.

    2. How soon should I call for professional help after water damage occurs?

    The sooner, the better. Swift action minimizes further damage. Call our experts immediately, and we'll swiftly assess the situation and begin the restoration process.

    3. Can I handle water damage cleanup on my own?

    While drying surface water with towels is beneficial, professional expertise and equipment are essential for thorough drying, preventing mold growth, and ensuring structural integrity. Trust our trained team to handle the complex restoration process.

    4. What should I expect during the water restoration process?

    Our experts will conduct a comprehensive assessment, devise a tailored restoration plan, extract excess water, dry affected areas using specialized equipment, and sanitize to prevent microbial growth.

    5. How long does the water restoration process typically take?

    The duration varies based on the extent of damage. Our team ensures an efficient process without compromising quality, striving to restore your space promptly.

    6. What steps are taken to prevent mold after water damage?

    Rapid water extraction and thorough drying are key to mold prevention. We employ advanced techniques to ensure every affected area is completely dried to inhibit mold growth.

    7. Will insurance cover the costs of water damage restoration?

    Insurance coverage varies. Our team assists by documenting the damage for insurance purposes and works with you throughout the claim process.

    8. What distinguishes Neville and Sons from other water restoration services?

    We prioritize swift response, cutting-edge technology, and personalized solutions to restore your home efficiently and compassionately.